20 November 2012

Raindrops on lemons ..........

It's that time of year again - rainy season and the time when lemons (finally) ripen ...........

10 November 2012

Brrrrrr ................ cold

This is the view out my front door this morning:
 Would you believe that earlier this week, we had temperatures in the upper 80's (Fahrenheit, of course)? That's about 30 degrees Celsius, for those of us who grew up with metrics.
And this morning, I woke up to 31 degrees Fahrenheit (that's just below freezing). Thankfully, I had covered my pots on the back deck. The basil was a goner even before last night, but I hope my fuchsias, which I've babied through quite a few winters, will survive.

03 November 2012

Pink sky at night

All these pictures (far too many of them, I know) are the result of waiting for a phone call that in the end never came. I rarely carry my phone around with me, and hardly ever have it turned on, but, this one week, I took it with me everywhere, including on dog walks. And these pictures were taken one evening when we walked the dog around the neighborhood and I just couldn't resist snapping away again and again.
So here they all are because I couldn't decide which to discard: