08 April 2016

Two things off my list

The bullet journal list, that is. I find that keeping that journal helps me finish up things that usually linger endlessly. It's kind of fun (to me) to make a list and mark things off. If it's only in my head, it doesn't work nearly as well.
Anyway, here are the two projects:
The cute one first. Poofy pants for a new grandson. I made oodles of these for my granddaughter, fun, easy, quick. I had a hard time finding suitable baby boy fabrics, though, so I dragged my feet. Finally found something I was happy with.

And this shawl, finished quite a while ago and written up on ravelry, but not photographed.

Baby pants pattern: reversible baby pants
Shawl: raveled here.

04 April 2016

Baby and child sewing

These were made just recently for my brand new little grandson (who was born yesterday, exactly on his due date. How often does that happen?), his big sister and a few other babies that are due in the very near future. All boys, the babies.
And these are for the little granddaughter, "super kid" capes:

Minimal sewing involved, just an applique for the decoration in the back and a bit of velcro for the closure. And they look better on the child than on Emma, my mannequin.
In hindsight, I think it might have been better if I had lined the cape, I have doubts about the fleece holding up to the constant tugging of the cape being put on and taken off. Maybe the next batch.

Bears: made from a Rebecca Danger pattern.
Capes: pattern found here, appliques here.