21 March 2016

A little sewing

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered pattern and kits for the above notions case from Chicken Boots.
The kits included the vinyl, zipper, heavy interfacing, and the bias binding. I provided the fabrics (there are two of them, the one that shows through the vinyl and the one in the back).
Along with the supplies came a link to a video showing how to put the case together. The video is about 10 minutes in length and absolutely excellent. I think cutting out the pieces almost took longer than the sewing which didn't take much longer than the video.
 I made the first one late in the afternoon, cut out the rest of the pieces and sewed the other three the next morning.

Two of them will head to my daughter, the other two are mine.
I can highly recommend this pattern (it's possible to buy just the pattern, without the supplies), the notions case was fun to sew (lots more fun than what I had been sewing before) and I might just make more.

05 March 2016

My Million Dollar Planner

Okay, that's exaggerating a bit, but I sure put a lot of time and effort into this one - and its smaller cousin that lives in my purse.
I learned how to do this in an online class by Lorraine Bell - it's part of the 2014 Documented Life Project. I'd seen similar things on pinterest and just loved the colorful edges. I still do, all that color just makes me happy.

The tabs are handmade, (I happen to have a little cloud punch) punched, stamped, sort of laminated, cut out and stuck on.
The pages flip out, so there's space for painting, drawing (if you can do that sort of thing - I am not good at it), doodling, writing notes, journaling etc. Not so good at any of that just yet, but working on it.
The whole thing just makes me happy. I obviously have a thing for paper and color.

Online class: Plan - journal - play