16 February 2012

I did it .........

........... and nobody could be more thrilled than I am right now. I finished my bezels, all the soldering, polishing, hammering, riveting, all done. This week, I poured resin after dragging my feet for days.

This is how it started, empty, pretty crummy looking bezels.

These are the first two I poured, using my photographs.

These came next, this time I used images I bought from Sharon Tomlinson, one of my teachers for this class, on etsy. ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/allnorahsart?ref=seller_info)

And the last two show a side view just to show off the high dome I managed to pour. That's the nice thing about ICE Resin, it domes. Of course, things didn't work out anywhere near as well on the other bezel I tried doming. It looked great, but as soon as I turned my back, it all spilled over the edges.
Still, I'm quite stoked about these, maybe in part because I actually, finally finished something.