30 August 2012


I like earrings - I like making them, I own a lot, but wearing them can be a problem for me.
This morning, I was wearing this pendant:

Copper clay Om pendant.
 And decided to wear copper earrings. I love the texture in them, but as soon as I put them on, I felt "over decorated." To me, they were too big.

Textured and oxidized copper.

So, they were exchanged for the tiny enameled ones. The color isn't true and, believe me, I tried about five times and finally gave up and settled.  
Small domed and enameled disks.
And that isn't the first time I've done just that. I feel larger earrings plus necklace is just too much (on me). I never feel that way about other people, okay, rarely. 
I seem to be so much more comfy with small earrings, but love making bigger ones. Go figure!
Am I the only one who feels that way?
And, BTW, I had absolutely no idea I had that many freckles.

29 August 2012

Le petit chien

Help me!

It's no wonder I don't get anything done - not only am I being followed by a small and very cute dog pretty much 24/7, but I take pictures of him when I should be doing other things. And, as if that wasn't enough, I play with PSE, trying out effects. Sheesh! I really was just looking for the word bubble tool and when I couldn't find it (I need to find my book on PSE), I started exploring. And I really should be cleaning and doing other dull things.

Can you guess what this is for?

Any idea what the above is really meant for? I'm obviously using it for storing pliers (after it was checked out and okayed by a small dog).
But, it really is a chicken feeder, found at the feed store.
The idea came after I read Deryn Mentock's blog.
Pretty cool, huh?

24 August 2012

Finally something creative

After having spent last weekend assembling new furniture and taking an old desk apart and most of the week organizing and sorting in one studio or another (yes, I have two rooms for fun stuff), I made the decision this morning to play and this is the result.
It felt so good to finally do something with enamel and hammers again (not in that order) and have it work out. My last attempts weren't quite as successful.
Heavily inspired by the last class I took from Mary Hettmansperger.

23 August 2012

New in the shop

The above pouches have just been added to the shop.
I spent many happy hours sewing, using up scraps, trying out new things, a few months ago and couldn't quite get myself to do the rest that's necessary to upload them to the shop. It takes quite a lot of time and it's just not my favorite way to spend my time. But, I buckled down and here they are. More to come .................

Summerfield Design on etsy is open again

It's been a long, long time, I know ................
Having spent the last couple of weeks cleaning out the house and trying to re-organize my studio so I can actually work in there without tripping over things, I came across all those nice bags I had made for my etsy store. Took a deep breath this morning and started re-activating my expired listings. I'm not done yet, there's more work to be done, including a fair amount of photography, but, the store is open again.
In order to celebrate the re-opening, I am offering free shipping on all items until the end of September.
I am hoping to list more over the next few days.
Go have a look ..................

08 August 2012

It's the Olympics, slightly different

I'm sure most of us watch the Olympics, at least some of it. Have to admit, I watch these things whenever possible, and with "these things" I include Le Tour de France which I watched faithfully and religiously.
Not so thrilled with the Olympics coverage NBC provides, it starts fairly late here in the evening and all the good stuff comes after I've gone to bed - I'm not a night person. And, really, how much beach volleyball can one person watch?
But, here's something that almost makes up for the less-than-stellar coverage: