28 April 2013

Random photos - almost no words

There is a quail family that lives in our neighborhood. Fun to watch, a little skittish.
The other morning, Mr. Quail decided to hang out on our backporch rail. We have an agreement: he lets me take his picture, I stay behind the glass.

From a recent trip to the ocean, Rodeo Beach, one of our favorites:

Always surprised how versatile that camera on my phone is. It does good close-ups (see flowers and seaweed above) and decent distance shots. That tanker in the last picture was miles away. L didn't think it would work. It did.

24 April 2013

A little sewing

There hasn't been that much sewing going on here lately, and definitely not much finishing. But, wanting to make something for a Facebook friend who has been very kind recently, I dug out the scraps yesterday and made a little quilt-as-you-go dumpling bag.

A nice,manageable project.
The pattern can be found here.
I wanted to try using only low-volume fabrics and I'm quite happy with the result. I hope my FB friend likes it.

06 April 2013

More circle skirts .............

................ and some experimental photography.
After seeing my little grand daughter wearing  the first circle skirt I made, I made more of them this morning.
This time around, I timed myself. Each skirt takes about 30 minutes to make. What takes the longest? Changing thread colors.

Afterwards I spent another good15 minutes on a little photo shoot. Very experimental.
The patterns for the little skirt can be found here.
I am linking up with Randi for Show and Tell Tuesday.

05 April 2013

Young model

Remember that little circle skirt:

Here it is being modeled by little Ingrid:
Love the little booties and the look on her face. Such a sweet little girl.