23 April 2015

Long time no see

It's been ages since my last blog post. Not that there hasn't been anything going on here, there's just not been any blogging.
There's been a lot of sewing, but no pictures. I joined a doll club last fall and have been doing quite a bit of mass production sewing and, by now, I am a bit burned out. I can only sew so many dinosaurs, car carriers, baby doll diapers and bibs and little tote bags. On top of that, I've also sewn a bit for the little granddaughter, but, again, not a lot of pictures.
There have been trips to the ocean, both for whale watching and hiking and there were pictures taken but those ended up on Facebook. If you're a FB friend of mine, you've seen all of those.
The ones below are new, taken last weekend on yet another trip to Bodega Bay. There was a bit of this:
Whale watching, that is. I am getting better at spotting whales, even though they are quite far out right now. Give it a few weeks and mums and babies will swim much closer to the shore and it'll all be much more interesting.
There was also a bit of fairly harmless hiking - not quite so harmless a few weeks ago in Muir Woods. The hike wasn't that difficult (4 miles with an elevation of 500 feet), but my knees still complain on occasion. I either need to do more or less of it. I'm leaning towards more.
Some of the hike was like this, gently sloping up or downhill with lots of smaller flowers all over, with a few of these thrown in:

A very enjoyable hike, not very strenuous, followed by a delicious lunch of prawns and chips at one of our favorite places in Bodega Bay.