10 November 2015


Feast or famine around here, isn't it? I either don't blog for ages or I do multiple posts in one day. Today, it's the latter.
All sewing activities have been suspended around here, some even in mid-project. Typical.
I got hooked on journals. What I really wanted to do was a sort of art journal (and art is a relative term where I am concerned, being unable to draw and paint anything other than walls or ceilings, but, I discovered, I can put paint on paper if it involves stencils, stamps etc. etc.)
But then I discovered handmade journals and so the rest got put aside and I've been cutting, stamping, sewing (by hand) and ruining manicures. Gesso, matte medium and nail polish do not get along.
Anyway, here are the results of my recent play time, courtesy to the magic of youTube videos.
Oh, and I now understand why there are so many "vlogs" involving journal flips - it's pretty hard taking pix of journals, a video would be better.

This was one of my first ones, I guess it's a junk journal. I collected various colors of cardstock, scrapbook papers, etc. etc., divided them into 4 signatures and just had fun. Procrastinated like crazy, but got it done, anyway. And it really was fun. No idea if I will ever write or paint in it, I kind of just like to flip through it.

These came next, courtesy of a very generous youTuber, they are mini travel journals and were quite a learning experience.

These have a little back pocket - for tiny treasures - and a plastic pocket that is sewn in along with 3 signatures. The cover folds over the signatures completely and ribbon holds everything closed and in place.


After weeks and weeks of late season heat, it finally is fall - with all that comes with it. Cold nights - and a few cold days - and even a little rain. Not enough yet to help with the drought, but a good start.

As always, I am amazed at the quality of pictures an iPhone takes, all of the above are unedited. All scenes from the morning after the rain.
DH refinished the deck this year, so the water beads nicely and we hope it'll last quite a few more years.