27 March 2014

And a couple more cowls

I love this one, loved making it, love the feel of it. I found the pattern on the web, probably on pinterest (way too much inspiration), found some yarn that I thought would work, dug out the biggest crochet hook I own (there are bigger ones) and got started. Two evenings and two hockey games later, I had a new cowl.

This one wasn't quite as fast. The pattern came from etsy (it's available on craftsy and ravelry as well, I think). I had the same yarn specified in the pattern, but I just couldn't make it work out. Too small. So, I switched to a thicker yarn, a larger hook and that worked just fine. I think I'll give the other yarn a try again, with a much bigger hook and, maybe, another pattern repeat.

25 March 2014

It's Cowl Season

Actually, it really isn't. It's getting to be too warm to wear toasty cowls. But, I finally buckled down, sewed in threads and photographed a few I've made over the last few months.

This is the oldest one, not by much, but still .......... Made for a KAL at Knitterly in Petaluma, which is also where I found the delicious yarn, Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande for the body of the cowl and madeleinetosh bulky for the accent. I used the broken rib stitch (which isn't in the pattern, I just happened to be in the store at the same time as Shelli, the designer, and she generously shared all her modifications (the broken rib stitch and the slit at the top).

Next came this one, the Chi-Town Crochet Cowl, a free pattern. Quick, easy and fun to make. There's a twist in this one. The cowl is actually crocheted flat and sewn together at the end, that's when the twist is added.

And this is one I'm not sure about. I used a much thinner yarn than the pattern suggests, used more stitches and it works, sort of. I think I just might re-do this one, using yet more stitches and a larger hook. Not my favorite thing to do, but sometimes you just have to.
More details can be found here: on ravelry.

08 March 2014


A much needed trip to the ocean today, Bodega Bay, this time. We usually drive to either South Salmon or, more often, North Salmon for a nice walk, but this time, we decided to explore, took a different road along the marina and followed it all the way to the end. No easily accessible beach there, but a parking lot full to overflowing with cars belonging to whale watchers and walkers. We didn't have any luck, I saw a whale just diving down again, but that was it. It's not really the right season just yet. So, we'll go back.
Some of the whalewatchers, there were plenty more spread out along the cliffs and many walkers.
Looking to the North.

A very enjoyable morning spent walking, looking for elusive whales and breathing in salt air and falling in love with Bodega Bay all over again.