15 March 2011

on my bench this morning

It's raining this morning, perfect for a bit of experimentation. And experiment I did. Not all of the pieces were made this morning, but today's session was tremendous fun.

This is chocolate foil fused onto copper. On the piece on the left top, I also experimented with enamel powder, mixed success, it sort of melted the foil, but I like the effect anyway.

I obviously have a thing about windows. Here, I used decorative paper (and brushed nail polish on it for safety reasons).
Another window, this time using several colors of enamel powder.

This involves enamel and an underglaze pencil. The pencil is really meant for ceramics, but it works very nicely here, too.

Texture and enamel.

Pitted enamel - spraying the unfired enamel powder with a bit of water - very carefully. Too much and the whole thing is ruined. Guess how I know that? :-)
I seem to be an enamelist at heart, just about everything I make involves a bit of enameling.
Most of the pieces shown are components, waiting to be made into something cohesive. We'll see.


mjlayman said...

These are really great! Thinking of reopening your Etsy shop?

Jenni said...

These are all so interesting, Doris.I love the windows with their riveting and sprinkle of enamel. Great effects.

Mardi said...

I am in total awe Doris. You are an enamel artist for sure!