16 February 2012

I did it .........

........... and nobody could be more thrilled than I am right now. I finished my bezels, all the soldering, polishing, hammering, riveting, all done. This week, I poured resin after dragging my feet for days.

This is how it started, empty, pretty crummy looking bezels.

These are the first two I poured, using my photographs.

These came next, this time I used images I bought from Sharon Tomlinson, one of my teachers for this class, on etsy. ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/allnorahsart?ref=seller_info)

And the last two show a side view just to show off the high dome I managed to pour. That's the nice thing about ICE Resin, it domes. Of course, things didn't work out anywhere near as well on the other bezel I tried doming. It looked great, but as soon as I turned my back, it all spilled over the edges.
Still, I'm quite stoked about these, maybe in part because I actually, finally finished something.


Jenni said...

Doris, these are beautiful...I loved that you used photos...they look great. Sharon's face is beautiful and your bezel is so perfect..love the filigree choices. Your dome is amazing..I think it is worth it to push it and see how far you can go with the resin...the end results are so worth it.
Beautiful job.

Beady Zoo said...

What beautiful pendants, Doris! All your hardwork and effort certainly paid off. Super job!
Kathy B

Anonymous said...


Katherine Lake said...

Really like these...I haven't ventured into the resin world yet. I think you did a great job on the bezels and loved your personal pix as well as the ones you purchased. Your soldering is pretty seamless...nice