21 September 2012

Space shuttle Endeavour

It's been on the local news here every morning for the last few days: the space shuttle Endeavour was going to do a flyby in the San Francisco Bay Area on its way to Los Angeles and retirement. We decided pretty much at the last moment that we would like to see it. Traffic sort of cooperated, although it wasn't fun, parking was another matter. We had wanted to park on the north side of the bridge, on the Marin Headlands, but, by the time we got there, the road up into the hills was closed off, according to the news, the headlands were packed. So, by default, we drove across the bridge and found a dicey spot in the Presidio (and didn't get a ticket; and, believe me, it would have been heaven for anybody enforcing parking in that area this morning.). A bit of walking took us to one of the old WWII batteries where we had a good view of the bridge and the bay.
The shuttle was late, almost by an hour, but the wait was well worth it. Two passes over the bridge and lots of photo ops. Should have brought the real camera, I apologize in advance for the marginal quality of the pictures. I used my phone and the sun hit the screen and it was hard to focus.
But, here they are, just a few of the photos I took during the two passes.

Yes, the shuttle is in there, but I really just like the blue sky :-)

The weather cooperated for a change, although, September is one of the warmer months in San Francisco (really) and there was no marine layer. Made for great visibility.
And here's a link with some more (and more professional photos):

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