09 October 2012

Making chains with Stephanie Lee

Last week, I took another online class with Stephanie Lee. I highly recommend not only her classes, but online classes in general (and, don't get me wrong, I love real life classes as well). There's just something about working when you want to, as much or as little as you want to and having access to videos at your convenience.
This time around, we made chain(s), both wrapped and soldered.
 The above photo shows pretty much everything that's on my bench at this moment (well, there's plenty more, but this has to do with chains and links etc.) The two chains on the bottom are something I had been working on before.
Soldered links
wrapped clasps and link
The above were made from Stephanie's videos: soldered links (a bit more soldering to be done) and a link and various clasps.
twisted wire
But what I am the most thrilled about is that I finally learned to make twisted wire using my drill.
Not a terrific photo, sorry, but a nice, even twist.


Jenni said...

Doris these are fantastic, great work! I am going back to the drawing board after seeing these. Awesome effort.

Katie B said...

I LIKE the twisted wire !!!