10 December 2012


I've been looking for a dressform for quite a while and, finally, on Sunday on the flea market I got lucky. She (doesn't have a name yet) isn't very old, but she was reasonably priced, has a stain or two just like an old bust and she is perfect for photographing necklaces and scarves. Need to get busy now taking pictures for Ravelry.
The necklaces, too, were a flea market fine. Yes, I collect "H's".
And on Saturday we found these cool little lenses for the iPhone. They just slip over the lens and there are three of them: obviously a fisheye lens because I used that in one of the pictures, a macro and a wide angle lens. Need to read up a bit more on them but they are easy to use (I do need to take my cover off the phone but just temporarily).
I apologize for the wonky layout, blogger is giving me fits today. I'd rather have pictures in odd places than end up in the funny farm.

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