28 April 2013

Random photos - almost no words

There is a quail family that lives in our neighborhood. Fun to watch, a little skittish.
The other morning, Mr. Quail decided to hang out on our backporch rail. We have an agreement: he lets me take his picture, I stay behind the glass.

From a recent trip to the ocean, Rodeo Beach, one of our favorites:

Always surprised how versatile that camera on my phone is. It does good close-ups (see flowers and seaweed above) and decent distance shots. That tanker in the last picture was miles away. L didn't think it would work. It did.


iefbb said...

I love those quail...they are so cut e and funny with that feather on top of their heads.

You take some really lovely photo's.

Doris said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment.