08 March 2014


A much needed trip to the ocean today, Bodega Bay, this time. We usually drive to either South Salmon or, more often, North Salmon for a nice walk, but this time, we decided to explore, took a different road along the marina and followed it all the way to the end. No easily accessible beach there, but a parking lot full to overflowing with cars belonging to whale watchers and walkers. We didn't have any luck, I saw a whale just diving down again, but that was it. It's not really the right season just yet. So, we'll go back.
Some of the whalewatchers, there were plenty more spread out along the cliffs and many walkers.
Looking to the North.

A very enjoyable morning spent walking, looking for elusive whales and breathing in salt air and falling in love with Bodega Bay all over again.

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