16 April 2014

A whole lotta sewing going on

For many years, I have been using a paper lunch bag as a thread catcher on my sewing kitchen table. Practical, but not exactly pretty. So, when I came across these on a blog last week, I googled until I found a tutorial for pretty thread catchers. And got to work, digging through my scrap basket and using up my whole stash (several yards) of fusible fleece. One week later, and I am the proud owner of two thread catchers made from the original tutorial . Cute and small, but I wanted something bigger. So, out came the pencil and paper and I resized.
These are the ones I have made so far. The original sized ones are in the foreground.
One of the small ones.
With his slightly bigger friend.
And his really big friends.
The one on the left in this picture is actually made from the measurements of the original paper bag. I used fusible interfacing and remembered really quick why I don't like it. The fabric just doesn't behave as well after the interfacing is applied. Thankfully, none of the wrinkles show up in this picture, but they are there.
The big bags will all go to my little granddaughter. She already has several drawstring bags for storing her blocks, these can easily hold a few more.

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