12 May 2014

Amgen Tour of California 2014

Yesterday morning we got up early to drive to Sacramento to watch the start of this:
It took place downtown in front of this:
Around the side were a lot of tents set up for vendors and various organizations, nice to pick up some interesting loot. Amgen had several tents, handing out freebies and promoting their "Breakaway from Cancer" campaign. You could even get your cholesterol levels tested. No, thank you. Once a year is enough for me.
There were a lot of support trucks, team trucks parked along the roads, all of which were, of course, blocked off.
A long line of motorcycles who follow the riders along the way, some for cameras, some with support personnel.
There was quite a bit of security in various forms and, while we were walking around there the first time, a young man sat on the curb in front of the mounted police with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Didn't think it was PC to ask what he'd done.

L, being much more interested and informed in what's what and who's who, got us to the Sky team bus and we got some lucky shots.
Joseph Lloyd Dombrowski, one of three US riders on the team.

And Sir Bradley Wiggins, or Wiggo, who graciously signed autographs before the race. L, being much taller than I am, got several good shots.

Bissell Development team.

BMC Racing.
Warming up together, wonder if they'll be as friendly during the race.
Garmin Sharp.
Giant Chimano.
Kristijan Koren on Team Canondale.
Maciej Bodnar, also Canondale.
Omega Quickstep.

Team Sky warming up.
More friendly talk before the race.
After the start of the men's race, there was a women's circuit race and some of the women warmed up along with the men while some preferred to warm up by themselves.
Getting ready to close off the roads in preparation for the start of the race.
We didn't stay around for the finish, that would have required us to stay put for 5 or so hours. Could have gotten better photos and better video (not uploaded yet) because the riders circled around 3 times. For the start, only once and they were off to Auburn. The roads, however, stayed closed and the barriers stayed up and getting from where we were to watch back to the tents and then to the car was quite an adventure and we were just a little worn out. I would have loved to have seen the finish, but mid-afternoon would have been hot and it's a long, long drive back home.

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