25 June 2015

Point Reyes

Quite a few pictures, not so many words.
We decided on Point Reyes for our latest trip to the ocean. We had done the Southern part recently, this time we headed North, hoping to find a path down to a beach we had visited before. We lucked out, found it, McClure Beach.
I did not get any pictures of the elk, I was planning on that for the return trip by which time the whole herd - and there were quite a few of them - had moved on. Oh well, maybe next time?

The path that looks so harmless in the first picture is actually quite steep and a long ways up and down.
Wrote a name or two in the sand.

Carefully crept through a gap in the cliffs. L pointed out that the rocks on either side looked totally different, brown on the left, grey on the right. Most likely caused by an earthquake, the San Andreas fault in extremely close to all this.
And found this beach which is probably only accessible at low(ish) tide.
Here is a bit about the cattle ranches on Point Reyes. At the bottom of the page is a link to a map, I think we've driven by them all over the years.

After that slightly strenuous hike up and down the cliff and a nice walk on the beach, lunch was at Cafe Reyes where we had delicious wood fired pizza and a complimentary Florentine - also delicious. No pictures, we were much too hungry to wait.

And this followed us home:

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