16 November 2016

Zipper tabs

This really is meant more as a reminder for myself than anything else. There are so many tutorials out there and all of them are good in their way.
I was making more bags like the ones in my last post, still trying to reduce the contents of the scrap basket, just playing around, trying different ways of sewing zipper tabs to see what I liked best and happened to have the phone nearby. So, I took pictures of the process.
I cut a piece of fabric 2" x 3.5" and ironed the short ends under 1/4" inch (and later changed my mind about the second end).
Next, I ironed under the long ends, measuring the width against the width of the zipper.
I then slipped the zipper inside those ironed under long ends and sewed across just the short side.

This is where I changed my mind (about the two short ends being ironed down first): I unfolded the short end, folded the long sides in, then folded the short end over.

After that, I folded the whole tab in half, making sure that the end in back was slightly longer than the end in front.

I then sewed all the way around, sewing again over the short end I sewed originally.
 No, it wasn't always perfect, I actually undid one of the tabs, but, if I had paid a little more attention and adjusted things as I was sewing, it might have been just fine.
The picture above is the first tab I worked on, the one I took pictures of as I sewed.
And here is the other one I did. That one actually turned out better.
Hopefully, the next time I sew a bag that requires zipper tabs, I will remember to refer back to this, so much easier than experimenting again and again.

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