01 April 2012

Bad fan behavior

About once a year, we watch the Sharks play hockey in San Jose. Since we go so infrequently, we splurge on tickets these days and try for really good seats. Yesterday was that day. The Sharks were playing the Dallas Stars (there's a serious rivalry going on between those two teams.).

The above pictures were taken during warm-up and at the very beginning of the game (a long time before Ott, No. 29, got a game misconduct and was ejected from the game).

Our seats were two rows behind the Stars' bench, not so terrific for watching the game as we found out, but very interesting for seeing what exactly goes on on a bench.

Things started out well, the Sharks scored in the first minute and added two more goals to the first one. The people next to us and behind us were well behaved. But the young couple in front of us got louder and louder and more obnoxious with every beer consumed (and there were quite a few of those).

She kept yelling "Let's go Sharks" with increasing frequency and volume and towards the end of the third period, he started verbally abusing one of the Stars players loudly. Neither the attacked player nor the coaches reacted in any way, I'm sure they are used to this kind of obnoxious behavior.

It got to be so bad that we moved a few rows up and had to explain to the usher why. She was very understanding.

"Don't be those guys." Really!

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