17 April 2012

Practice really does make a difference

Who would have thought?
I mentioned already that I'm taking a soldering class with Terri Brush online (and an etching and soldering class, as well).
There's been some practicing going on and quite a bit of bad language. For one thing, I (and several other people in the class) have been having problems with our highly recommended soldering iron. I finally contacted the company when my second iron showed the same problems as the first and it's now on its way back to the manufacturer for repair/replacement. I've also invested in a different brand and am very happy. The other problem had to do with those cute little rhinestones - they are glued to the background but balancing two pieces of glass on something that small is difficult and there's been a lot of undoing going on.
But, I'm getting better. Really. And it's much more enjoyable.

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Marcia DeCoster said...

And they are looking really cute! Just came across a photo of you the other day from about 1999 if I had to guess, in the original The Place to Bead!