06 February 2013

I really can solder

I thought it was more luck than skill that my first bangle worked out a couple of days ago. So, I tried again today and I made a little friend for the first one. Okay, that worked, how about trying those dots Terri Brush taught us to do? Yup, those eventually worked, too, although there were a few "oops" moments involved.
I am really quite thrilled to be able to do this - finally.
Of course, with all the soldering and hammering I never got around to cooking dinner. Take-out it is.


Jenni said...

Looking great! What do yo use to shape/ hammer them on?
The bangle mandrels are so expensive!

Doris said...

Thank you, Jenni, I use a mandrel, I have stepped oval one that I'm trying to make (good) friends with. I wonder if a tapered one would be easier.