05 February 2013

Soldered bangle

I am taking another very enjoyable class with Terri Brush, this time it's silversmithing. We jumped right into soldering rings, made soldered hearts and progressed to bangles.
Now, I have to confess that I've soldered before, I took my first class over 5 years ago and never really took to it. I took a few more classes, ended up with some finished and quite a few unfinished projects.
This time around, though, I jumped right in: I did simple links, I soldered a few very simple hearts and yesterday I dug out the heavy wire (12 gauge) and, since it's copper and inexpensive, I just did it. And it worked, I like how it turned out. It's simple, unembellished and, yes, you can see the seam in the back, but I'm happy with it. The edges are neat (I hammered a lot), there's nice texture and I've worn it constantly.
There will be more bangles. I have small wrists and big hands so any bangle flops around on me. I figured out (finally) that bangles look better in multiples. So, yes, there will be more.


Jenni said...

Love the bracelet... improving soldering skills is what I really want to work on a lot this year. Hope to see photos of more lovelies...

Doris said...

Thank you, Jenni. I'm beginning to enjoy the process.