08 March 2013

Burp cloths and blankets and quilts

No, I didn't make everything I'm going to show this week. The blankets were made weeks ago, the quilt months ago, I just didn't take pictures until today. The burp cloths, on the other hand, were started yesterday. Now, those are fun - because they are fast.
I'm a little frustrated, though, with the quality of my pictures, I'm very obviously not a photo stylist, and there are times when that bothers me.
Anyway, here are my less than professional pictures: 

I love this quilt, I used two charm packs by Bonnie and Camille (can't think of the name of the fabric line right now) along with coordinating fabrics for backing and binding. Tried to machine sew the binding but it looked messy to me, so I unpicked the whole thing and did it by hand. Much happier now.
 Just a close-up of the minky blanket. It's just simply not a very interesting looking blanket, but it sure is comfy. The pink minky side is meant to be the front, but the flannel on the back is very pretty as well, so, I guess, it's a toss up as to which side shows. Both are incredibly soft and I'm having a hard time parting with this.

The above shows a no-sew fleece blanket, the second one I made. The first one was sent off without having its picture taken.

And the burp cloths, made from this tutorial: http://www.danamadeit.com/2012/04/celebrate-baby-tutorial-burp-cloth-gift-sets.html. Fast, easy and fun. I used terry cloth, not the stretchy kind, couldn't find chenille and I think it's just fine.
I think it may be time to do a little torching and hammering now, I haven't made a bangle in a while.

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amidthismoment said...

It looks like a very lucky mama will be getting a bounty of beautiful handmade items for the baby. Your projects are lovely, and I'm sure they will be well loved in their new home.