25 March 2013

Quilt therapy

When life throws obstacles in my way, I tend to go for occupational therapy. Usually, I go and hit metal with a hammer, but this time around I opted for quilt therapy. I pulled out a bunch of fabric and got to work, cutting and sewing.
I sewed a lot of memories into this heart:

The inspiration came from here: Pixelated.

It's not quite done yet, I still need to add a sleeve for hanging it and finish off the binding by hand. I know it's possible to machine sew binding, but I'm not very good at it. And, besides, hand sewing is quite therapeutic, isn't it?

Next, I wanted to try something that's been on my Pinterest board for a while: a disappearing nine-patch. I've always been a big fan of nine-patches (there's a big quilt top upstairs that's affectionately knows as "The Quilt from Hell" (if I remember correctly, it was 2 or 3 days of mindless and very enjoyable sewing and several days of laying it out on the floor to try and arrange the blocks to my liking.) Once the top was done, I folded it up and put it away.
Anyway, getting back to the disappearing nine-patch: I had several charm packs and wanted to use those rather than having to pick out and cut up fabrics from my stash. So, I picked two (Giggly and Punctuation, I believe) that contained similar colors and sewed and cut and sewed again. The whole top was done in one day, it just needs to be quilted.

That was so much fun that I dug into my stash for another one but that'll be another post later in the week.

I am linking up with Randi of I have to say.


Dee said...

Your heart is incredibly beautiful. I will look forward to you sharing it and the Disappearing Nine Patch with us.

Linda in Calif. said...

I like how you say that - sewing memories. That's really sweet. Oh and I like the heart wallhanging - very pretty.

Sewing Mom said...

How beautiful! I guess that sewing therapy was a wonderful choice!

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

I've really been wanting to make this one myself. Yours is just further proof that I NEED to. :) It's lovely.


randi--i have to say said...

Oh, I do love the pixel heart. So fun!