18 November 2013

A small miscalculation

So, last week, I made this ingenious sock sack from a pattern on Craftsy. Even though there's quite a bit of detail there, it came together easily and pretty fast. Would have been faster if I hadn't had a couple of small mishaps.
Anyway, I liked the way the drawstring bit is done, so I thought I'd make a slightly larger version and went ahead and recalculated. I multiplied everything by 1.5 and ended up with a humongous bag.
Here it is - this one easily holds 5 balls of yarn, maybe even 6, I didn't fill it completely when I got ready to take pictures. It's just a bag, no divider, no tabs.
And here are the two bags together for comparison:
Big difference, right?
I'll try again, this time multiplying by 1.2 - maybe.

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