20 November 2013

Recently ..............

.............. we went looking for tall ships. L had heard on the radio that both the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain were docked in San Francisco. They were supposed to sail on the Bay during the day and there would be tours in the late afternoon.
So, being retired and not having anything to do that particular day, off we went to look.
We drove to Berkeley first and walked the length of the pier hoping to see them sailing on that side of the Bay.
Statue across the street from the entrance of the pier.

The end of the pier.

No tall ships in sight, so we drove into San Francisco. We knew which pier to look for and were lucky to find a parking space. And, yes, there was one of the tall ships:

The Lady Washington, of Pirates of the Caribbean fame. Turns out, the two ships were not sailing together and obviously weren't out on the Bay that day.

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