09 January 2014

A final Hawai'ian photo dump

One of the (few) decorated boats at the marina at Christmas time.

Sunset, from the terrace at the Hula Grill.
And another one of Macky's, just because it's our favorite shrimp truck.
And another one of the concrete jungle. If I had to live there permanently, I don't think I'd like it one bit, but for vacation, it's just fine.
The Ala Wai Canal at night, with the moon dipping down behind the clouds. This is what divides Honolulu from Waikiki. It started as a drainage ditch because of lot of what now holds sky scrapers used to be swamp. More info here.
 Rainbow at Aloha Stadium, home of not only the Aloha Bowl but also a very fun flea market, the Aloha Swap Meet. Three days a week, go early, it gets hot.
And the last rainbow, obviously taken from our condo.

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