28 January 2014

Finish-it-up Tuesday

Since I still can't get into my studio - we are having the outside of the house painted and it's quite an adventure. All the windows and a few of the doors are covered with plastic (and there's something kind of freaky about not being able to look out your windows) in preparation for painting and have been for almost a week which means I can't open the studio window to solder. I signed up for an online metalsmithing class a while ago, it started last week Monday and am now officially more than a week behind. Sure hope I will be able to catch up.
Anyway, while I am (im)patiently waiting for the painting to be done (I have a feeling the estimate of 7-10 days is way too optimistic), I decided against pulling my hair out in frustration and to finish up a couple more things that, yet again, just needed a few threads sewn in.
So, here goes:
I love the dangly bits in the border.

The colors shown are nowhere near what the scarf looks like in real life. I'm wearing it as I type and it's much more turquoise, but ........ lighting and not being an expert at editing ended up with it looking like this. Details here.
And another:

This time, the color is close, it's a little more bluish-green than shown. This one was fun and fast to make and it's comfy to wear. It's long enough to wrap around the neck up to three times. Details here.

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