29 August 2014

Beady giveaway

As I've written in the last two posts, we were hit by a rather nasty earthquake last Sunday. My studio and my sewing room still are very chaotic. Open shelves are not earthquake proof. There's a lot of stuff on the floor.
All that chaos has made me realize that I have stuff - nice stuff - that I am no longer interested in. Yes, I could try to sell it on ebay or etsy, but that takes much more time than I have at present. And I really doubt the thrift store is interested in my beads. So, I am doing giveaways. I started on Facebook and will now continue here.
Today's giveaway involves smallish lampwork bead sets, lime with teal dots and sky with turquoise dots. I don't remember who the lampworker is who made them. I bought them off ebay years ago (this was before etsy).
So, if you would like to give the beads a new home, please leave a comment here and make sure I can get in touch with you (or check back in 2 days to see if you've won). If you are one of my Facebook friends, you can also leave a comment there, I'll be linking to this post next.
Same rule as always: if you've already won something recently, please give somebody else a chance.
And here are the beads:

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