29 August 2014

Earthquake pictures

Mostly pictures, few words.
I went downtown today, needed to replace a strainer that broke and took a few pictures along the way.
 Wine tasting room, I am guessing that one is not easily fixable. The other side looked pretty bad, too.
 No glass in the art gallery.
 Yarnstore, no window, but open all the same. And very grateful to any customer who came in.
 Salon, no ceiling, closed for business.
Relatively new hotel, red tagged.

 This salon is open, nevermind that the windows are gone. There is a small sign on the glass saying not to lean on it, it's loose.
 Another relatively new building.
Post Office, closed.
 This is why.
 Presbyterian church, stained glass window broken.
 Bail bonds, obviously red-tagged.
Car, anyone?
 St. John's Catholic Church. The school next door seemed to be closed. Couldn't see any obvious damage.
Close-up of the roof.
I did not get a picture of the little house just a block North of the church that was completely rocked off its foundation, leaning off to one side.
There is much, much more damage, but I only took pictures of the damage along the way, didn't go out of my way to find more. The rough estimate for damages is $300 million and that is only for private homes, does not include damage to businesses or financial losses. Over 100 structures are red-tagged, over 200 people ended up in either the hospital or the ER, one of those a heart attack, the other very serious one a teenager - a brick fireplace fell on his pelvis. He has successful surgery and is expected to fully recover - in time.
If anybody feels they would like to help, the Red Cross is an obvious choice. My favorite local charity, though, is the Napa Valley Food Bank. The address on their website is wrong, they have just moved here: 1766 Industrial Way, Napa, CA 94558.

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