18 August 2015

Displaying Air Plants

Several weekends ago, we went to the Peddlers' Faire in Benicia and, among other things, bought a few air plants. One of them is mounted in a tiny sea urchin, the others are loose.
How to display them? I asked among my FB friends, googled, looked on Pinterest and found this:
this tutorial.
Trying to find an old frame proved to be impossible (we hit several antique stores), so what else would work?
I wanted old looking, weathered and it finally came to me: fence slats.
One of our fences, the one enclosing the old dog run, will be going. No more outdoor dogs, so no more need for a dog run.
So, L unscrewed two of the slats and set to work and this is what he came up with:

I think I need more plants!

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