12 October 2015

More toddler skirts

There hasn't been much sewing going on here lately, these were all made several weeks ago, but, finally finished this morning - there was just a little bit of hand sewing involved:

For those days, when a more subdued skirt is called for: chambray with an elephant border.

A little more colorful - with owls.

The little granddaughter and I share a love of yellow, I had this fabric in my stash and found, what I consider, a beautiful ribbon to match. Hope she (and her mum) like it as much as I do.

And, when you want something not at all subdued - the red skirt. The little skirts on the bottom are for I's dolls, or babies as she calls them. I happen to have the same "babies" and, yes, her's have a smallish wardrobe. I need to learn to sew tops, so far, all they have is bottoms, skirts and pouffy pants aka "Bollerhosen" (in case you speak "foreign.")
This one is made from a Japanese fabric that was in my stash.

Patterns: everything with a ribbon is made from the lazy days skirt tutorial. Quick and easy.

Everything else I sort of winged, and I wish I hadn't really; sewing on lace after the side seam is sewn is much more complicated than sewing it on before sewing up the side. Lesson learned.

Fabrics: all out of my stash.
Ribbons and lace: the best ones came from Hobby Lobby; the rest from Hancock's and JoAnn's.

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