02 May 2016

Road Trip

The shawl pattern, that is. Although, there was a road trip to Oregon just recently, to meet our new little grandson and spend some time with his big sister.
But this really is about the shawl pattern I came across recently while "doing research."
I had bought yarn to make an Elise Shawl in Oregon, started it and decided after just a few rows that the pattern did not do the yarn justice. I think MadTosh is better suited for knitting, just my opinion. So, after much searching online, I decided I would be better off with either a solid or a sock yarn, something with long stripes and put that particular project on the back burner (it's getting kind of crowded back there).
I did, however find this pattern and, after a bit of research and a quick trip to JoAnn's, got started. A quick project, fun, easy to do and the yarn works well for it. No, it's not a natural fiber, but I'm okay with it. It's just right for this project.
Details can be found here:

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CarolAnnTX said...

Beautiful design, size, and flower details make this the perfect shawl. Just enough to keep the chill away on those spring days.