20 May 2016

Give me an "A" ...........

................ and a whole bunch of other letters.
This particular project has been on my pinterest board for a long, long time. I am hoping the 3-year-old granddaughter is old enough for this by now.


I had fun trying to find fabrics to match the letters - H for house, L for ladybug, M for monkey, C for cat and S for socks.
And even more fun spelling out names and words.

 Art it isn't, but it sure is fun.

I found the tutorial with a link to the letters here. I did not completely follow the directions, but sewed inside the drawn line after trying it the other way. All the fabrics came out of my scrap basket with one or two from my obscenely large stash. The only thing that got a little smaller was the piece of batting I used; the stash - really not at all.
I am almost reluctant to part with these letters, too much fun to play with them and I can imagine these used in banners or applique, not just as a tool for a child to learn his or her letters.

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