15 June 2016

A very Faux Dori

Ever since I started bullet journaling, pinterest has been busy suggesting other things for me to look at; yesterday they got my interest: a small leather-bound notebook. While reading the blog post that went with the link, I came across another post about faux doris. I have heard about Midori travel journals before and I like the idea of interchangeable inserts and everything held together with a stretchy rubber band. But, for starters, I wanted to try making something similar myself.
And after a bit of searching I found a tutorial that had just what I wanted: a fabric cover, using Pellon, Wonder Under, eyelets etc. etc.
I am big on re-using, recycling, list making and this really appealed to me. Out came the scrap papers, the scrapbooking papers, the pokey tool and everything I needed to make inserts. By yesterday evening, I had finished two inserts. I made three more this morning and then tackled the cover: questionable denim on the outside, a pretty print for the inside. I rounded the corners and worked on the eyelets. I have done eyelets before, quite a few of them, but always in metal. Metal is easy compared to fabric, really. But I got it to work and only wasted one eyelet and here is the result:
Pictures aren't great, should have used a different background.

Outside - denim.
Two inserts, could hold more.
The spine showing 3 of the 5 eyelets.

The inside fabric with the elastic that holds the inserts.

Outside held closed with the elastic.

One notebook inserted, the other not yet.
I may possibly made a leather cover for a "not quite so recycled" dori, this one is just for the car, to hold paper to take notes. We have a really neat leather store in town and they have scraps, there might just be something that would work nicely.

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