31 May 2017

A Flowish Journal

One of the women in the FB group I belong to sent me a flowish journal (photos still to be taken and blogged about). So, I thought I'd make one for her and here is what I came up with:
The outside, I used a file folder I really like.

This is what it looks like with all the papers etc. inside. The top one is how I had originally arranged it. I took everything out to photograph the individual papers/pages and couldn't get it back into the same order. Oh well ................ Everything is easily removable and being held in by a stretchy head band.

There is a glassine envelope from the post office taped to the inside and a recycled envelope inside the journal. Both contain cut outs, ephemera, small envelopes, office forms, book pages etc. etc.
From left to right: gift wrap, music paper, a funky magazine page and in the front a gelli print I made.
Assorted office papers, time sheets, sports score sheets, and the page in front, I believe, is meant for a gardener.

An antique ledger page, an architectural drawing and a chart I found in an older astrology book.
A cross stitch graph from an old German magazine, more music paper, pages from an old Sears catalog, various book pages - from a Chinese study book, an old children's book (the stories are German stories, the ones I grew up with) and a Chinese children's book.
Assorted scrap booking papers.
A craft catalog, various napkins (they can be decoupaged) and a couple of menus from favorite restaurants.
Maps from an older road atlas.
And finally some digital images I printed on vellum and a recycled security envelope.

I hope the recipient of this flowish journal likes what I put together. I love what she chose for me (and, as I said before, there will be pictures)

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