07 April 2011

clouds and lilacs

Dark, angry clouds this afternoon. Took the dogs out so they could run off some energy in the backyard and, after clipping lots of lilacs, wet back for the cell phone to take some pictures. No rain so far.

I realize this shot is a little out of focus. Bear with me, I'm learning new things here. Not just how to take decent shots with a cell phone (that part is surprisingly easy), but how to deal with yet another new computer. Yes, we had yet another computer give out on us. The new one is good, but it won't let me use the oldest version of Photoshop Elements - the one I'm most familiar with.
And, what's even worse, it absolutely refuses to load my really old copy of Printshop. I only use it for address labels, but I used to print such nice ones. After looking around, reading lots of reviews and getting some input from the techie brother-in-law, we decided to do without a new version of Printshop (far too many bad reviews). Instead we spent many happy (?) hours coming to grips with Outlook and Word and hope to do decent address labels there. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! :) The lilacs are lovely! I have lilacs on both sets of sheets.