17 April 2011


I've been taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook regularly because it's so unbelievably easy with an iPhone. But, to get them on here takes a few more steps. I know it can be done using a cable but I just email them to me, copy and past them into Photoshop Elements, fiddle with them a little bit (and I mean a little bit, no fancy editing here) and then add them here.
So, here in no particular order and for no really good reason, a few pictures:
I watch cooking shows fairly regularly and, more often than not, marvel at how people can eat THAT many calories and not drop dead of a heart attack right there and then. Every so often, though, I find something I like and try a new recipe. Potstickers with a shrimp filling passed muster and they really do taste delicious. I made a huge batch and a few of them actually looked good, like the one in the second picture.Couldn't resist those, a Mad Magazine cover and a calendar that's pretty much spot-on. Airlines charge for everything these days, seat back may well be next.
I still have pictures for two more posts - doll eye surgery (don't ask!) and pictures from a recent Sharks' game we attended. But, for now, I'm all "computered" out and will go back to working on quilt blocks.

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