17 April 2011

an evening with arlo guthrie

Thursday evening we went to see Arlo Guthrie. We've both been fans since way back when (and I'm very obviously dating myself here).
He doesn't look like the cute guy seen running around in his undies in "Alice's Restaurant" any longer, but the hair is still long (even if it's white these days), he can still sing up a storm and he tells a fun story or several. He sang several of his father's songs, was accompanied by great musicians, including his son Abe on keyboards and the Burns Sisters, who sang backup, were a good addition.
I'll be listening to my old Arlo CD's in the car for a while now. It's been a while.

Can't figure out how to upload a video that isn't mine, so here's a link to one of his songs (which, BTW, he performed that night):


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Anonymous said...

I'm playing Paul Simon's new CD for the second time. Immediately after the first. It's really really good, just like the reviews said.