13 October 2015

By the sea

We went to the ocean last Friday, well, not so much the ocean, close to it? We visited the UC Davis Marine Lab in Bodega Bay. We had driven by many times, but since we tend to go in the morning and it is only open Friday afternoons, we never had a chance.
I did not take any pictures inside, it's a working lab, students from UC Davis come and spend the summer semester there; housing is provided just down the road. There are researchers hard at work and the tour is tremendously interesting. Did you all know that all the debris thrown into the water (like plastic bags etc.) end up in about 5 different spots in the various oceans? And that fish eat that cr*p? And it ends up in their stomachs? Even fish taken out of the San Francisco Bay have plastic debris in their stomachs and intestines. Yuck.
Anyway, we had driven by these stone sculptures many times on the way out to Bodega Head to look for whales or go hiking, but this time we finally stopped and took pictures:

We actually watched somebody assemble them on a previous trip, painstaking work that involves concrete. Not just stacking one rock on top of the other mindlessly.

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Jodie said...

Wow - they're amazing. xx