13 October 2015

I made a book

Wow, first I don't blog in months and then I write two posts in as many days.
Anyway, I have been watching mixed media videos on YouTube, lots of them,  and finally gathered my supplies and my courage and made a book, from scratch.
I used one really big sheet of very nice paper, cut it into pieces and just followed the tutorial by Diana Trout on how to turn it into a book.
I sort of held my breath while I was decorating the outside sheet, I had played with that technique this morning and it took about 5 tries before I was happy with what I got, but this one worked in one go.
So, here is my first, slightly wonky book:

It's meant to be a journal, preferably an art journal, to be written in and decorated, embellished with paint, stamps, stencils, papers etc. etc. and that bit scares me still. I think I will try things out on tags or index cards and when I'm happy with my progress, then, and only then, will I work in this book - or I might just stick the tag or card inside.
It was fun, messy, but tremendously enjoyable. I still have paint under my nails, the rest washed off after a while.

In case anybody is interested:
Tutorial for making the journal:  One Sheet One Journal. The blog post also includes the video.
And the tutorial for the technique on the outside: Ghosting technique

And now I'd better go and make dinner, also from scratch - spicy chicken burgers.

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CarolAnnTX said...

Agree, There are so many good tutorials on youtube.. Love your use of color and texture.