31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

It's almost 4 pm already and I haven't put out my few minimalist Halloween decorations yet. Had to upload these photos first. L said putting a costume on Jerry would be cute overload and I went along with this and didn't buy one, even though Petsmart had some really cute ones (I can see, though, that a cute costume on a cute dog is definitely overkill). So, instead of putting out the everlasting light-up pumpkins and hanging little pumpkins in the trees, I looked for fabric and cut out a big bandana for Jerry. Now he's all set.
Halloween is not just my favorite holiday (I don't have to cook, although I do try to clean up the hallway a bit), it's definitely Jerry's. He thinks all the kids come only to see him and it takes him quite a while to settle down at night when the doorbell has stopped ringing.
We're pretty much ready, though - except for the decorations, of course. There's way too much candy (and I've been pretty good so far (probably because I'm counting calories yet again)), there are princess rings and cute little plastic bracelets (none of which fit me, zut alors!) and there are my all-time favorites: little Matchbox cars. This year, though, I won't let the kids pick, it takes them forever to make up their minds. I'll just reach into the bowl and pick something for them.
Let the fun begin!
Happy Halloween everybody!

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Anonymous said...

He's so cute! I only had 10 kids and I gave them each a dollar coin -- this roll was Ulysses Grant.