06 October 2011

What's new on my bench?

Nothing finished, just lots of components - and lots of little pots full of enamel powder with test rings on top waiting for a little tag with number and name.

I played some more with overfiring, but I have a feeling neither butane nor propane get hot enough to give me the effects I want. The pictures above and below show the same pendants. The colors just show differently. The purple piece is closer to the picture on top, but everything else is shown truer in the picture on the bottom.
I tried various things here, crackle enamel - I don't think that worked. Although, I was surprised to see the top layer kind of shrinking into puddles, most obvious in the circle pendant in the top picture.

These little discs are the beginnings of a sort of charm bracelet. I'm playing with shades of blue and green opaques with a layer of transparent on top. I can already tell that the combo on top is my favorite - the combination I used makes a lovely turquoise.
I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't keep a kind of journal where I jot down colors used for future reference because I can't for the life of me remember the name of the opaque I used in that piece.

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