02 July 2012

The eyes have it ............

............ or rather, they don't any longer.
I had better than 20/20 vision about 15 years ago. Then things started to change slowly, reading glasses that got progressively stronger.
In December, I noticed that I had problems when I had to focus on small things for a longish time (and longish is relative here). No more spending the afternoon doing chain maille or other things like that. There now appeared a fuzzy spot in the center of my vision that took quite a while to go away. So, a trip to the eye doctor was in order. She did all kinds of tests but couldn't find anything wrong.
Then I had my annual exam last week and another doctor listened carefully, checked even more carefully and decided that the problem was that I now need two different kinds of lenses, there's a difference of at least 3 levels between right and left eye.
So, new glasses were in order. I haven't received them yet, another week or so to go (and the upcoming holiday isn't helping). Then we'll see if that will take care of the problem
I think getting older is highly overrated, but, I suppose, the alternative is worse.

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