11 July 2012

To the sea

We used to go to the beach very regularly, but lately those trips have become less and less frequent. North Salmon just outside Bodega Bay was our favorite beach, in recent years that was replaced by Rodeo Beach on the Marin Headlands.
Last week, though, during out "staycation," we decided to go back to North Salmon and, wouldn't you know, it was foggy. Okay, not really "foggy" but there was a heavy marine layer and that didn't lift until after we left. Didn't bother us a whole lot, we came to walk and we got out nice, leisurely walk in, marine layer or not. 
There weren't a lot of people on the beach, I guess they all waited until the sun was out, so we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.
The first thing we saw, was this cool old car in the parking lot. We managed to talk to the owner after our walk and found out it's a 1941 Ford. He bought it restored and it's obviously his "surf mobile." All the stickers - and there are many, many, are surfing related and he was there to surf. He and L compared surf spots for a little while.

I always thought beaches were flat with lots of sand - not here. You have to get down this cliff - there are stairs for a bit and then a path, but it's fairly steep and the beach itself goes down quite a bit towards the water. Down isn't a problem, up is another story.

 Obviously, we weren't the only ones there, but as soon as you took a few steps, the marine layer swallowed anybody else.
 We had hoped for low tide - makes for better beach glass hunting - but didn't luck out there, either. During low tide, we can walk along the beach to the left of the rocks above, this time, we had to climb over and around them.

 The lone surfer at the time we were there. Waves were decent, not too big, but not choppy, either.
The seagulls didn't mind the fog - or much else, for that matter.
No idea what kind of bug this is, pretty big and not too happy at having his picture taken.

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