19 July 2012

An evening with Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson came to town last night and, unlike last time, we were fast enough to get tickets. It was fun, even though it went on wayyyyy past my bedtime (and I'm not quite awake just yet). I think today will be a rest day - just like in Le Tour de France (which I have been watching religiously).
Anyway, Pegi Young and the Survivors opened for him. She's Neil Young's wife and pretty darn good, especially when you realize she's just a year younger than I am (figure that one out yourself). Spooner Oldham (Hall of Famer) played keyboard for her and  the rest of her band was on the older side, too (maybe that's where the name comes from?).
Willie came on after intermission, very low-key, looking just like himself, if a bit older, but nowhere near 79. Good, clean living, I suppose (snort). He played all my favorites, including Henry's song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5G6lNUG1NI). He's an ace guitar player (something that doesn't really come through on the albums I've heard), the voice is still strong, the tune's not always there, but who cares. The energy was amazing.
It was billed as "Willie Nelson and Family" and his son Lucas played guitar right along with him in addition to performing an excellent solo, blues, with a lot of passion and excellent guitar play.
I tried to get some pix during the show but they are all pretty much rubbish. I'll post one anyway, it shows Lucas Nelson much better than Willie - quelle dommage.
All in all, enjoyable and we might just do it again.

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