02 July 2012

Postal mishap

About two weeks ago, I sent a package to my daughter in Colorado. I used a priority mail box, plenty of tape and those air-filled plastic bags Amazon uses in their packages these days. The package never arrived.
Last Saturday, I received a letter from the post office in Denver. Stuck to the form inside were the address label, return address label and the little square that showed how much I paid for postage where. All had a layer of cardboard attached to the back.
I was asked to fill out the form (but hang on to the labels) and send it off to the place where lost mail ends up in Atlanta. I included detailed descriptions of what was inside the box along with pictures. Now we wait. I don't have high hopes that my stuff will be found, but you never know. Oh, the reason I was asked to hand on to the labels is that if the contents isn't found I can submit a claim for postage.
Not knowing exactly if I had filled everything out properly etc., we drove to the local post office this afternoon and had two very nice people help us. In addition to explaining the process, we also got advice on how to pack properly: stuff the empty spaces between whatever is in your box, use popped popcorn if you don't have packing peanuts, newspaper, plastic bags, anything, just make sure there are no empty spaces and the box cannot be compressed when it comes in contact with other packages and/or machinery. Use two boxes, one inside the other. And, most importantly of all, include a list of what is inside the package along with address and return address inside. All good information and something I wish I had known beforehand. But, in thirtysome years of mailing packages, I had never lost anything yet.

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