22 December 2013

Food and Hawai'i Five-O

There is a connection, far-fetched, but still there. Really!
On one of several trips deeper into Waikiki (for Happy Hour), we came upon these trucks parked along the curb on Lewers Street:

We asked around a bit and found out that Hawaii Five-O had been filming in the area, not unusual, they are quite a common sight around there. Lots of trucks full of camera equipment, food and, yes, there were a couple of port-a-potties.
On our last day in Waikiki, we took a last morning walk out the back of the hotel, along the marina and down to the beach and saw yet another long line of trucks along the curb.
Neither one of us had brought our phones, so after we got back and while I packed seriously, L went back down to take pictures. This set was inside the Hilton Hawai'ian Village, around one of the many pools there.
He really shouldn't have taken this one, he was told politely by a rather large gentleman that taking pictures wasn't allowed. Too late. No cast in sight. And, by the time we left, at 11 am, there was no evidence that anything had been happening there at all.
On to the food.
This is plain old comfort food, Hawai'ian style:
Loco moco, rice, a hambuger patty, brown gravy and an egg on top. I had the small plate. It was good.
These are coco puffs and they are connected to the TV series. In one of the shows, Chin Ho Kelly, tries to bribe McGarrett's mother with these. We tracked down the bakery - Liliha Bakery on Liliha Street - and stood in line patiently along with all the other customers and bought half a dozen. I took this picture in the car before we dug in. The top row is filled with custard, the bottom row chocolate pudding. And, yes, they are good.
Kamekona, another character on the show, runs a shrimp truck which is always parked by the lagoon in the Hilton Hawai'ian Village. There really aren't any shrimp trucks there, we've only ever found them along the North Shore, along the Kamehameha Highway, but nevermind.
The actor, Taylor Wily, really does own a shrimp truck and we found it parked outside Hilo Hattie's:
Apologies for the bad picture, it was parked under an overhang with the light behind it and you all know that makes for bad pictures. Big T wasn't there the day we were, he was supposed to be at the truck the coming weekend and by then we were back home. Pity!

And that's it for food and the TV series. I have a couple more posts I need to write and hope to get to them really, really soon.

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